• A person who is not loyal to his or her own country, friends, etc.
  • A person who betrays a country or group of people by helping or supporting an enemy.

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The events of September 11, 2001, as with most instances of attack on a homeland, resulted in an incredible upsurge of patriotism within the United States of America.  Although these increases in what we refer to as patriotism often wane over time, the U.S. Patriot movement is as strong today as it was in the days following the terrorist attacks of 2001.  In recent years, however, the so-called patriot movement has evolved into a philosophy of paranoia, conspiracy theory, and distrust of the “official story.”  As the 9/11 Truth movement grew, it inexplicably became linked to the patriot movement, sharing in its paranoia and rejection of any official narrative.  These movements then spawned other, now well-known organizations such as Oath Keepers and catapulted so-called alternative media organizations like InfoWars and Prison Planet into the mainstream.  InfoWars’ media campaigns have been so effective that its articles and commentary are now propagated to news websites in the same fashion as Reuters or The Associated Press.

With all of this in mind, it becomes troubling when you analyze the patriot movement’s rhetoric and discover that it is far from supportive of the actions and policies of the United States.  In fact, the government of the United States is often referenced using words like Oligarch, Zionist, and, occasionally, puppet regime of the New World Order.  The rhetoric is so intense that it can only be described as anti-American.  It forces one to question whether the so-called patriot movement is actually patriotic at all.  The logical second question is, “From where do these ideologies originate?”

The answer to the first question is subject to much debate and interpretation.  Many organizations that refer to themselves as patriotic see it as their duty to question authority and believe a healthy dose of distrust is virtually written in the DNA of the American citizen.  We can all define patriotism in our own way and, therefore, it becomes difficult to judge whether one ideology is patriotic while another is not.

The answer to the second question, however, leaves much less to debate.  And the answer is frightening.

Original Thought, or Origins Unknown?

During the 1990s, and particularly during the Clinton Presidency, right wing extremist groups, religious organizations, and militias expanded at a rate not seen previously.  The Clinton years saw the rise of the megachurch, the rejection of governmental authority, and violent uprisings by militia groups.  Terms like martial law, police state, and militarization of law enforcement became a part of the American lexicon, all at the hands of these so called right wing organizations.  Additionally, religious organizations focused on the end times, the book of Revelations, and the rise of the Anti-Christ and the New World Order.  Tyranny and oppression, words not often used to describe the post-civil rights era United States became common accusations against the government.  Incidents such as Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian Compound certainly did much to fan the flames of this dissent and the era was epitomized by the terrorist attack on the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

By far, the most influential alternative media figure to emerge from the 1990s was Alex Jones.  His slick production tricks, well-rehearsed tag lines, and televangelist-like charisma drew millions to his alternative view of the United States and the world.  Jones, while continuously claiming the title of “true patriot”, railed against the government of the United States and used every opportunity to point out the “evils” of the current regime in Washington.  Elections followed, presidencies ended and began, new officials took office, but Jones’ rhetoric never changed.  9/11/2001 became a windfall for Jones as he succeeded in his attempts to convince his millions of followers that the terrorist attacks of that day were, certainly and without question, an inside job.  The term “False Flag” became common, although it was almost always misused by the host and those who sought to replicate his success with their own internet radio shows, YouTube “documentaries”, and blogs.  Even former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura, best known for his years as a professional wrestler, joined the cause.  The new age of the conspiracy theorists was born and absorbed every ideology and theory proposed by Hollywood actors and directors, radio show hosts, and bloggers.  This parade of disparate “free thinkers” was led down the rabbit hole by the ever present Alex Jones.

Then, in 2010, a new player entered the American news media arena:  RT America.  RT, originally named Russia Today, is a news and information organization funded by the Russian Federation that is tasked with reaching audiences outside of the Federation.  Immediately dismissed as an obvious Russian propaganda campaign, RT America’s entry into American media caused a ripple, but no splash.  Relatively ignored by other media outlets within the United States, RT did find an audience in an unexpected place – the American Patriot and Liberty movements.  Rejecting any form of mainstream media as U.S. government propaganda, the patriot movement embraced the coverage provided by an outside perspective.  Before long, RT America’s articles and Op Ed pieces were being shared and posted on hundreds of patriot and liberty websites, blogs, and video channels.  RT found its audience, and the so-called patriots found a major media outlet willing to pander to its ideology.

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The Investigation

In early 2015, I was approached by a new acquaintance, a retired member of the military who worked in intelligence and special operations, who asked me to investigate something he had discovered.  He had been shocked by some of his discoveries and wanted independent corroboration of his findings.  Intrigued, I agreed.  Within days, I was able to confirm his findings and, to my own surprise, I too was shocked by the implications of it.  What follows is the first of what will be a series of articles featured on various outlets across several forms of media.  I will not be the only author involved.  During the course of this investigation, individuals from an assortment of backgrounds offered their assistance, insights, and expertise.  The information is so voluminous that one person simply could not manage it and compile the data into one neat, little package for quick consumption.

The Patriot Deception

If you ask anyone in the intelligence community about Russia Today, or RT as they are now known, they will quickly tell you they are simply a modern version of the Russian propaganda machine of old.  Funded by the Russian government, RT is nothing more than an English speaking mouthpiece for the Kremlin.  This is not simply our opinion, it is factual and well documented.  Several former RT employees have come forward to explain this fact and one, Liz Wahl, testified before congress during hearings on the subject of Russia’s “weaponization of information.”  An intelligent person would not be surprised that a Russian-funded news outlet would be decidedly anti-American but, intelligence aside, it would seem that many in the American Patriot and Liberty movements fail to see it.  They consider themselves to be “free thinkers” and, since they dismiss anything coming from the American media as propaganda, they embrace foreign outlets like RT and Press TV, the Iranian version of state sponsored news.  In return, RT and Press TV fuel the rage of the Patriot movement and feed the distrust of all things American.  They do this by continuously promoting conspiracy theories espoused by fringe groups in the U.S. regarding such things as Jade Helm, 9/11 Truth, GMOs, and the coming oppression by militarized law enforcement.

Conspiracy outlets, like InfoWars, Above Top Secret, and Before It’s News, aid in this Information Operations campaign by continuously touting the accuracy and reliability of these foreign news services and carrying RT and Press TV articles on their own websites.  InfoWars is unapologetic in its support of RT even to the point of attempting to defame the character of the RT personalities who came forward as whistleblowers against the Russian Propaganda Machine.  Alex Jones features prominently on RT and is often quoted within articles distributed by RT.  He has also appeared on numerous broadcasts for RT over the last five years.  InfoWars has sided with the Russians on the Ukraine conflict and has gone so far as to support the claim that Ukraine, not Russia, shot down Malaysian Air flight MH17.  In short, RT loves Alex Jones and Alex Jones seems to love RT.  There will be more regarding the personalities behind RT and InfoWars in a future feature.  Spoiler alert:  Alex Jones isn’t even the worst of the group.

The result is that many so-called patriot websites appear no different than RT itself.  In fact, if you place Infowars and RT side by side and remove the graphics, it is virtually impossible to tell the two websites apart.  Once these articles appear on “trusted” conspiracy websites, they then filter down to the innumerable offspring sites that aid in spreading the information, including such patriot-approved organizations like Oath Keepers and The Tea Party.  In the end, millions of readers are unaware that the “trusted” article they read came directly from the Kremlin.  Many of you may find it surprising that the U.S. Patriot movement seems to have a love affair with news outlets controlled by our enemies.  I suspect that the Patriot and Liberty movements may be surprised to learn it as well.  They simply don’t know about it.  They link to articles found on conspiracy theory websites without the knowledge that the originating source is Russia.

Willful, or Unwitting?

Are organizations like InfoWars being played by the masterful propagandists of the Russian Federation; or, are they willing participants in the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign?  The answer to this question is as shocking as any asked in this investigation.  But, let’s first answer the question of who benefits from sowing distrust and hatred of your own country?  The short answer is your enemy.  If the enemy, through deception and disinformation, can cause a population to distrust or rebel against their own government, they can win far more than a simple battle.  They can create a political movement that urges change within that government; change that benefits, not the people of the country, but their enemies.  A quality I/O campaign can create an atmosphere in which citizens don’t even trust their own military and law enforcement – the very people sworn to protect them.  This enormously successful approach has resulted in a large segment of the U.S. population claiming that virtually any Military Training Operation is simply a dry-run for impending martial law and the forces sworn to defend the country and the constitution are mindless drones who will kill and imprison their fellow citizens.

To answer the previous question, InfoWars is not a victim of this Information Warfare Campaign.  InfoWars is an arm of it and they aren’t alone.

The facts and evidence behind the connections between RT and InfoWars, the characters involved in both organizations, and the puppet masters calling the shots in this highly successful propaganda campaign will be revealed in later publications.  During the course of these revelations you may find that the list of victims is far shorter than the list of perpetrators. This list involves media personalities, journalists, and, you will discover, popular politicians. The Cold War is not over, my friends. It is just being fought over the internet. And, we are losing.

I am well-known for my conspiracy debunking.  Now, allow me to introduce you to a very real conspiracy.  A conspiracy with implications that reach not only to your news feeds, but to the halls of government.  A conspiracy so effective in its implementation that the very word “Patriot” has lost its true meaning.  It’s time to wake up.

Below are links to the Patriot Deception articles that followed this introduction.  There is much, much more to come.  This is a complex and confusing conspiracy that is difficult to distill down to one, all encompassing sound bite.

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