As part of the continuing series, The Patriot Deception, we will continue to educate the reader on the various methods used by RT America and Russian Intelligence organizations to mislead and misinform the so-called Patriot and Liberty movements in the United States.  In the first example covered in Manipulation Method, you were shown how RT captures conspiracy theory articles, dresses them up, alters the text, and redistributes the information as seemingly legitimate news.  In this installment, we will show how RT alters the meaning of legitimate news, which is then shared and distributed among the conspiracy theory and patriot web.

Case in point: CIA Planted Evidence

On February 20, 2015, published an article by Jonathan Tirone titled, CIA’s Nuclear-bomb Sting Said To Spur Review In Iran Arms Case.  In the article, Tirone writes about the ongoing court case of Jeffrey Sterling, a CIA worker who is on trial for leaking classified CIA documents regarding operations against Iran.  I encourage you to read the article for yourself but, for brevity’s sake, I will sum it up as simply as possible.  The information revealed in the case involves an operation in which the CIA provided fake nuclear weapons component blueprints to Iran in an effort to frustrate their attempts at acquiring a nuclear weapon.  This operation was formulated in 1997 and the fake blueprints were handed over to Iran in 2000.  The article explains the frustration of the International Atomic Energy Agency as they now had to sort through their data and separate fact from fiction.  Overall, the article describes what appears to have been a very successful CIA operation that set back Iran’s nuclear ambitions at least three years.

On February 21, 2015, published their version of the same article.  The RT version, however, was titled, CIA-Planted ‘Evidence’ May Force IAEA Review of Iran’s Alleged Nuke Arms Program.  RT’s manipulation of the news item did not stop at the misleading headline.  In the text of the article, various quotes and critical information found in the original article are omitted and speculation is added in order to create a very negative article about the CIA.  As for RT’s take on the information, again to summarize, the CIA planted nuclear information in Iran so that the world could then accuse Iran of attempting to acquire a nuclear weapon and justify further oppression of the Iranian people.  Unfortunately, RT’s version isn’t true.

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A Sting Vs Planted Evidence

The leaked CIA documents chronicle an operation intended to prevent Iran from successfully acquiring information critical to the creation of their own nuclear weapon.  The sting operation worked, roughly, as follows:  Iran begins its attempts at gathering technical data on various nuclear weapon components.  The CIA, aware of Iran’s intentions, creates false technical data and somehow succeeds in having this false data transferred to Iran.  Iran then spends three years analyzing the data, thinking they possess the information desired, only to finally figure out that they have useless information and must start over.  This is what you would call a win for America’s intelligence services.

To compare this operation to “planting evidence” is not only intellectually dishonest, it ignores the meaning of the phrase.  If someone approaches you and asks you to sell them some heroin, but you sell them ground paprika instead, it would be dishonest for the purchaser to, at the time of their arrest, accuse you of planting evidence on their person.  The technical data given to Iran was never intended to be useful to Iran’s quest for nuclear power or weapons.  Therefore, it isn’t evidence that could be planted.  One would hope that the experts at the IAEA would be able to distinguish false data from actual data, especially within their admitted area of expertise.

The use of the phrase “Alleged Nuke Arms Program” found in RT’s headline obviously indicates suspicion regarding the entire Iranian nuclear affair.  So, from the beginning, RT is painting the revelations regarding the secret CIA operation as part of the false flag against Iran.  Near the end of RT’s article, the following quote from University of Alabama Law Professor, Dan Joyner is included and italicized:

“This revelation highlights the dangers of reliance by the IAEA upon evidence concerning Iran provided to it by third party states whose political agendas are antithetical to Iran,” Dan Joyner, a law professor at the University of Alabama told Bloomberg.

Daniel Joyner is a very learned man who holds four University degrees including a J.D., an M.A., and a PhD.  The University of Alabama includes this information in Joyner’s biography for the University website:  Professor Joyner teaches Public International Law, International Trade and Investment Law, The Law of War, WMD Law & Policy, and Contracts.  I include this information to illustrate that Professor Joyner doesn’t appear to be a man who doesn’t fully understand the ways of the world when it comes to contentious negotiations between countries.  Now, for Joyner’s full quote from the original article:

“The falsification of nuclear-related documents is a very real part of such states’ efforts to frustrate Iran’s nuclear program,” said Joyner, who has written extensively on nuclear proliferation risks. “This revelation highlights the dangers of reliance by the IAEA upon evidence concerning Iran provided to it by third party states whose political agendas are antithetical to Iran.”

By omitting the first portion of Joyner’s statement, RT changes the tone of the quote considerably.  Apparently, even Dr. Joyner knows intelligence agencies use such tactics to prevent rogue nations from obtaining materials they should not possess.

The RT version of the article also omitted the following quote:  “While the Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material” inspectors cannot “conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities,” the IAEA said in its quarterly report. [Emphasis added]

The difference in both tone and the inclusion of factual information is considerable once you dig into the details.  The casual glance at the first couple of paragraphs, at which point most people will likely stop reading, suggests a middle of the road article on the subject.  But, once you read further, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Now, my fellow patriots and seekers of truth, which article do you think was shared among the many so-called patriot and liberty movement websites?  Websites such as Prison Planet and Before Its News, among many others?

I think you guessed correctly.  Yes, it was the RT version of the article that was spread throughout the patriot community.  Just another example of the daily deception being perpetrated against people who believe themselves to be patriots but who are instead the unwitting victims of Russian influence operations on our own soil.

There is more to come in the Patriot Deception series.  Share it, tell a friend, and pass it along to your favorite Patriot or Liberty organization.